What Port City Property Management Limited Offers to Property Owners
       Manage large or small apartment buildings, semi-detached, and single-family homes.

Management of your property on a monthly basis:

  1. If property is vacant, advertising and screening of tenants would be handled with a detailed current credit rating from Equifax a recognized credit agency as well as screening with Tencheck a new company which keeps record of past and current tenants history on rental of a property.

  2. Verification of employment and confirmation from current landlord that tenants are in good standing.

  3. Collection of damage deposit, which is to be placed in a trust account during the term of the lease.

  4. Tenant check-in and out inspections are carried out for each tenant to ensure that the property is in the same condition as when they rented it. The tenants sign when they move in and the same list will be checked and signed by the tenants when they move out. Any damage caused by the tenants would be deducted from the damage deposit and if the cost is greater than the damage deposit then an application will be submitted to the Tenancy Board to start the proceeding to collect balance.

  5. Collect rent on a monthly basis and deposit it to your account.

  6. Any repairs would not be started with out prior authorization from owners

  7. Handle any complaints from tenants on a 24 hour a day basis.

  8. Maintenance on property as required.

  9. Accounting statements will be provided at tax time along with all receipts for maintenance.

  10. An inspection of your property will be completed every three months and a report will be sent to owners.